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45 tph ZZ series mid-temperature and mid-pressure gas-fired superheated steam boiler project for the chemical industry

45 tph ZZ series mid-temperature and mid-pressure gas-fired superheated steam boiler project for the chemical industry
  • Project boiler medium : Steam

  • Capacity : 45 tph

  • Location : Jidong County, Heilongjiang

  • Equipment : ZZ45-3.82-450-Q

  • E-mail: kathy@zozen.com

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Customer feedback

This set of gas-fired boiler produced by ZOZEN Boiler was the core equipment of our company's 6 MW coal gas thermal power project. It was highly efficient, safe and stable to provide a solid guarantee for the normal operation of the project. We felt thankful for all of these.

Case introduction

Heilongjiang Changfeng Coking Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, mainly produces coke, tar, crude benzene and other chemical products. In the second half year of 2019, the company invested more than 60 million RMB to launch a 6 MW coal gas thermal power project which required a set of 45 tph gas-fired boiler and the 6 MW condensing steam turbine generator set. If the project is put into use, it is expected to generate 60 million kWh of electricity per year and form a heat supply network covering 300,000 square meters, which is a municipal-level key industrial project and is highly valued by the local government. However, this set of steam boiler with a rated pressure of 3.82 Mpa and a steam temperature of 450℃ is a kind of A-grade mid-temperature and mid-pressure boiler, which sets high requirements for boiler design and manufacture.Based on the extensive research and demonstration, ZOZEN technical department customized a set of ZZ series mid-temperature and mid-pressure gas-fired superheated steam boiler taking the lead in domestic market for Changfeng Coking.

This boiler has an O-type structure, which has the advantages of compact structure and good furnace flame fullness. It is also convenient for on-site installation and its main engine has lower costs. What's more, depending on a strong R&D and design team, ZOZEN Boiler has overcome the difficulties in the design of mid-temperature and mid-pressure gas-fired boiler to effectively solve the safety problems for boiler operation. For instance, there can be fatal problems such as insufficient superheating temperature, overtemperature and even tube explosion if the structure of superheater is not designed reasonable. Finally, this set of superheated steam boiler also shows the advanced manufacturing technology and equipment of ZOZEN Boiler. The boiler drum whose thickness can reach 60 mm is processed by advanced CNC plates rolling machine and drum drilling machine, which can ensure the working efficiency, improve the drum finish degree and reduce the size error. At present, the project of Changfeng Coking is successfully put into use and the boiler is also operating stably in the project.



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